Premium bouldering

We have over 100m of bouldering wall with problems for beginners to Font 7C. Top setters visit almost every week to ensure full resets on a monthly basis. We also have a “real” rock wall and autobelays to keep everyone interested, and our air conditioning will keep you cool.

Top training facilities

Having multiple system boards means more space to train. We have the world’s first hydraulic Moonboard, which can be set at anything from 25° to 40°, decked out with the 2024 set. Our symmetric woody Digiboard is set at 15°. We also have two Beastmaker Motherboards and three campus lines.

Perfectly formed gym

Our gym rig is equipped with a bench and squat rack, kettles to 32kg, dumbbells to 25kg, dip station, pull-up bars, stall bars, rings, wooden hang grips, an assault bike and a dual cable machine.

Jericho Coffee Traders

Open to everyone, Jericho Coffee Traders is serving their high quality speciality coffees, cakes, pastries, pizzas and beer. The cafe sits above the climbing on the mezzanine, with lots of light, space and plug sockets. Non-climbers welcome!

Social Space

Community and inclusion is very important to us, so we’ve ensured that there’s a lot of space to relax and be social. Sofas, tables and ample plug sockets under the mezzanine means you can be as productive or unproductive as you want.

Individual Changing Rooms & Showers

All our facilities, including toilets, showers and changing rooms, are individual, with one of each being extra spacious for accessibility. We also have lockable storage for bags and personal items.


We will be the best climbing shoe shop in Oxfordshire, so come and climb before you buy. Our shop also offers a good range of all the usual climbing accessories.