Acknowledgment of risk and conditions of use

  1. All participants are required to complete the Gallery Bouldering Registration and Induction requirements.
  2. All participants must check-in at the reception for each visit to Gallery Bouldering.
  3. You must exercise care, common sense and self-preservation at all times.
  4. Non-climbing visitors to the centre must abide by the centre rules and stay off the soft matting areas.
  5. Report to a member of staff immediately if there are any problems with the walls, equipment, other climbers’ behaviour, or any practice which causes concern.
  6. Report any injuries, incidents or accidents to staff immediately.
  7. Be aware of the other climbers around you and how your actions may affect them.
  8. Do not distract people while they are climbing or using the autobelay.
  1. Do not carry any loose items while climbing.
  2. Never stand or walk under someone who is climbing.
  3. Do not climb under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  4. No food or drink is permitted on the bouldering mats.
  5. No outdoor footwear is permitted on the bouldering mats.
  6. Gallery Bouldering accepts no responsibility for the personal injury or illness of any visitor.
  7. Gallery Bouldering accepts no responsibility for any loss, theft or damage to valuables or personal property.
  8. Items left in the centre will be placed in lost property and retained for one month, after which they will be disposed of.
  9. Gallery Bouldering requires climbers to only use liquid chalk.
  10. Remove clothing, jewellery or equipment that could cause a snag hazard while climbing.
  1. Do not walk or climb underneath any climbers.
  2. Descend the bouldering wall by down-climbing or a hang and drop method.
  3. Keep the bouldering mats clear from objects such as bags, phones and water bottles.
  4. Never attempt any form of acrobatic skills anywhere within the climbing wall.
  5. Do not grab or touch any girders, metalwork, or electrical items. Do not wear climbing harnesses while bouldering.
  1. Only use an in-date climbing-rated harness.
  2. Do a thorough check of your harness fitting and autobelay attachment before climbing.
  3. Attach both locking carabiners to the belay loop.
  4. Stay on the marked route for the autobelay.
  5. Do not climb faster than the autobelay is able to retract.
  6. Check that your landing zone is clear before descending.
  7. Clip the autobelay back into the safety gate once back on the ground.

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